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Equipment leasing and asset finance options for Schools, Universities, Polytechnics, and more

Great education leasing and asset finance options for all types of equipment.

We can arrange an education leasing and asset finance options for just about any equipment you require, from technology requirements, computers, laptops and tablets to desks, chairs, audio visual, whiteboards, copiers, printers, gym equipment, telephone systems, LED lighting etc.

Monthly and quarterly lease finance payment options are available.

Being in the education sector you may wish to make quarterly payments rather than monthly payments on your education leasing finance agreement t i.e. four payments per year rather than twelve for alignment with school terms and/or budgeting requirements.

We can arrange a quarterly payment option that will suit you, if required.

Leasing the equipment you need is a simple easy process:

  • Decide on the equipment you want and the supplier you want it from (eLeasing can assist with this if required).
  • Get a lease quote via the eLeasing online calculator, APP, or contact eLeasing.
  • eLeasing will liaise with you to ensure to have the correct leasing option.
  • eLeasing will originate and complete the lease contract with you.
  • eLeasing will liaise with your preferred supplier, arranging payment and delivery of the equipment.

Get the equipment your school, university, polytechnic or other educational organisation needs now with a great leasing and asset finance option.

Disclaimer - Financial Advice

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