Offering leasing and finance options to customers is a great way for you and your team to increase sales

Equipment leasing and finance helps you and your team increase sales

There are many advantages to having leasing finance options available for customers to consider during the sales process, one standout advantage is that it gives the customer more options to think about rather than outright purchase only.

It is our view suppliers should quote leasing finance options for any sale $5,000.00 + GST and over, customers won't know a leasing option is available unless someone tells them.

How many customers in the past have not purchased equipment but would have if leasing finance had been offered to them at the time?

Leasing Finance Benefits

  • Increase sales with an equipment lease finance offer
  • eLeasing will handle the process
  • Create a sales pipeline, add-on's, upgrades etc
  • Promote equipment leasing finance specials
  • You will have informed customers concerning their equipment lease finance
  • Good approval turnaround
  • Assistance with contract management throughout the term of the lease finance contract
  • Prompt payment of your invoices

We have a simple, easy leasing finance process

  • Quote a lease finance price via online calculator or phone app
  • Lease finance approved, criteria being met
  • Equipment invoiced
  • Lease finance contract completed
  • Equipment supplied
  • Supplier Invoice Paid

eLeasing finance will add value to your business

We suggest you include lease finance pricing when quoting customers.

  • Our services will help you sell more equipment
  • Payment will be made in full for the equipment your customer chooses to lease
  • We will take care of the whole of lease process