Selling more equipment or obtaining the equipment you need in 2024 has never been easier with eLeasing finance options below.

Increase sales by offering customers finance or leasing options for the equipment you sell

Increase Your Sales In 3 Easy Steps

Quote your customer finance and/or lease pricing using the our online QUOTE CALCULATOR or APP.

Submit a deal or opportunity to us via the SUBMIT A DEAL NOW button or just email or phone us with the details.

We will contact the customer discuss the most appropriate finance or leasing options and approve the deal criteria being met.

Remaining Steps & Getting Paid

Invoice the equipment when you are ready to we will complete the finance or leasing contract with the customer.

Deliver and/or install the equipment when you and your customer are ready to.

Your invoice will be paid in full when the equipment is delivered and the customer is happy.


How can Equipment Finance or Leasing options help me increase sales?

  1. More options for the customer to think about rather than just outright purchase only.

  2. Our finance process makes it easy for the customer.

  3. Always include finance quotes when quoting your customers.

  4. Customers won't know our easy finance options are available unless you tell them.

  5. Giving customers finance options is easy via our Quote and SUBMIT online.

Fill in the fields below as best you can to start the approval process, we will review and respond ASAP

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Customer's may not purchase equipment desperately needed due to cashflow

  1. A common reason a customer will not acquire the equipment they need is due to "cashflow".

  2. This is where a customer needs new or updated equipment but doesn't have or want to spend the capital to pay for it outright.

  3. This can be very frustrating for customers and prevent them moving forward.

  4. Equipment Finance and/or Leasing is a great way for customers to overcome these cashflow issues.

  5. Customers can obtain the equipment they need now spreading the cost over 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 month terms, criteria being met.

Leasing Finance Benefits

  1. Increase sales with an equipment leasing and asset finance offer

  2. eLeasing will handle the process

  3. Create a sales pipeline, add-on's, upgrades etc

  4. Promote equipment leasing finance specials

  5. You will have informed customers concerning their equipment lease finance

  6. Good approval turnaround

  7. Assistance with contract management throughout the term of the lease finance contract

  8. Prompt payment of your invoice