Customers and Suppliers, grow with equipment leasing now

Customers get the equipment you need now

Suppliers increase sales with leasing options

"I need equipment for my business but my capital is tied up elsewhere!"

"Great, I can obtain the equipment I need by leasing it!"

"Our sales have increased now we offer leasing to our customers!"

If you're an equipment supplier a good lease offering will increase sales and retain customers

Supplier Benefits

Want to know more?

  • We make the lease process as easy as possible for our supplier partners
  • We strive to ensure your customers are well informed so they understand their equipment lease contract

A customer may not purchase equipment they desperately need

A common reason is "cashflow". The customer needs your equipment but doesn't have the capital available to pay for it outright. This can be very frustrating and prevent customers moving forward in their own businesses. Leasing is a great way for customers to overcome cashflow issues i.e. they can obtain the equipment now, spreading the cost over 24, 36, 48 or a 60 month term, criteria being met.

Who can eLeasing help?

Small and medium sized businesses, corporate, government departments, councils, schools, trusts, tertiary educational institutions, medical centers, DHB's, dentists, non-profit, clubs, aviation, infrastructure... in fact any organisation. Contact Doug at eLeasing to discuss obtaining the equipment leasing you need now and conserve your cash.

Customer Benefits