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Finance or leasing options can help you acquire the equipment you need now

  • We all need new or upgrade equipment from time to time.

  • Often the decision to acquire equipment can be limited by the outright purchase i.e. we need the equipment to move forward but our capital is committed elsewhere.

  • Equipment leasing and/or asset finance provides a way to acquire the equipment we need now, paying for the equipment over time rather than outright purchase.

Customer benefits

  • Conserves cash

  • Fixed monthly payments

  • Reduce your own equipment obsolescence

  • Upgrade equipment during or at contract completion

  • Easily add more equipment when required

  • Generally no down payment or deposit is required

  • An equipment lease and/or asset finance agreement you understand

Who can eLeasing help

  • Small and mediumm sized businesses.

  • Corporates, government departments, councils, schools, trusts, tertiary educational institutions, pre-schools etc.

  • Medical centers, DHB's, dentists, non-profit, clubs, aviation, infrastructure.

  • We can basically help any organisation in the non-consumer space.

  • Contact Doug at eLeasing to discuss obtaining the equipment you need now with equipment leasing or equipment finance and conserve your cash.

The standard eLeasing credit check

When approving a lease finance arrangement, eLeasing will obtain approval from you to conduct a "Standard eLeasing Credit Check". A standard eLeasing credit check entails eLeasing contacting a Credit Reporting Service Provider (CRSP) applicable to your unique situation, in order to obtain company and personal credit information. 

eLeasing standard credit check declaration 

The Credit Reporting Service Provider (CRSP) will give eLeasing information about you for the purpose of a credit check. eLeasing will give information about you to the CRSP, the CRSP may hold that information on their system and use it to provide their reporting service. When other CRSP customers use the aforementioned CRSP credit reporting service, the CRSP may give information about you to those customers. If in the future there is a default in any payment obligation, information about the default may be given to the CRSP, and the CRSP may give information about the default to other CRSP customers.